It is equal but is not the same. Magazine ad.

Good morning, evening or night, anywhen and anywhere you are.

This last week I was working designing a new static add for a campaign which was already made.

I think you know about of Nintendo Company, is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game Company founded on September 23, 1887.

“What color is yours?” was a huge and aspiring international campaign for the launching of the Gameboy color in 1998. The original target audience was the kids and teenagers between 8 and 17 and young adults between 18 and 30, gamers who had played with the first black and with Gameboy.

This is the original ad,


What color is yours? ad
What color is yours? ad

the ad is looking for expressing friendship and diversity, using the red and yellow in the center at the same time is expressing intensity and joy. One important thing is that even the all devices are relatively small, remain they are the main point in the whole artwork.

Uses just one single heading with a typography Sanserif of the decorative family, made it with a stencil, which looks irreverent and modern, almost like a wall in the street.

This ad is aligned horizontally, and repeat the same concept over and over again five times, and order the colors for brings the more possible contrast over the white background, actually, there are other Gameboy colors which are not in this ad, like the white, gray and pink.

Like I said the multicolor pallet gives to the composition a sense of boldness and variety.

This is the new ad.

original ad by Joseph Bustamante

To remark the consistent in the campaign I am using the same pattern repetition, the same number of objects, same color pallet, and the same heading, with a different font but of the same family. Also the concept to contrasts with the white background, and connect the product with a character.

I decided to keep away the black one to give room for the pink to make the ad more jazzy and funny. Instead of models I used the classical and most significant characters of the classic Gameboy, but now in color, the viewer, or audience feels attraction and sympathy for one, and I made bigger the devices, to give them more relevance. I remarked also the Nintendo logo.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it, this was my ad, leave know in your comments any idea or some detail I forgot or I could improve. Thank you.



original ad here

new ad here Mario, Ghost, Picachu, Link, Kirby, logo, and Gameboys.


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