Drop Shipping vs Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

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This week in Web Business Creations class of BYU Idaho we learn some peculiar things for anyone who is interested in the entrepreneurship online. I think the most significant online ideas for the beginners or young entrepreneurs of online business, the marketing tendencies of Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing.

Spoiler alert. This could be frustrating, because when you know them, you realize all money you have been loosing, all potential you have, and you have been wasting if you are, or you have been tried with online sales because these are two great ideas.

Well. The affiliate marketing is q way where you can start with the online sales without selling. I explain you, you must affiliate with a distributor for to promoting their products on your website, your work will be to bring traffic and influence en the opinion of your visitors for what they decide to buy the products of the company which you are affiliated, through a link which directs your visitors to the company website, in there they buy anything, so then the company pays you a commission after the sale was completed. You must not have an online store, a payment management system or storage, also you must not worry about the post-sale attention, all that work will be done for the company, a double sharp knife as I see, because though you are working in your position as influencer, the company is who has kept the possibles long life sellers. Regularly the commission used to be low if you talk about money, but hight if you talk in percentage.

Otherwise, the Drop Shipping is the way which you work also try to bring tram traffic to your website but in this case you are in charge of the sale, the logistic ship, the post-sale customer attention, and you use the company only to asking for they send the products you are promoting on your website. I mean, you actually have an online store in your website, your visitors buy directly any product to you, you receive their payment, then you pay the company for the product and the ship, and then the company sends the product to your visitor.

Even deal with all post-sale customer service could seem a disadvantage, is a great opportunity to improve the loyalty or your client and maybe lead them to a second or another complementary buy.

All depend on your vision goals and too many times in the product you want to sell but do not doubt to make an investigation deeper of the options that this both marketing tendencies have to offer your business.

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Marina Rodil. Irreverently elegant.

Marina Rodil Aka Lila Garamond is an argentine graphic designer who works principally in London, Argentine and Mexico and Spain, she performs publishing, magazines guides, branding, editorial work, corporate image and producer of content for sites and publicity, she is a freelancer and actually you can find her for booking in Domestika or his own web site marinarodil.com, even the site is some neglected is really easy contact her by his telephone number that the site provides.

She has worked with Campari, Smart Box, Camper, Icon, Ray Ban and BMW, you can review his portfolio in her website.

Amnesia and Icon Magazine cover

Marina preformed this cool and success two magazine covers for Amnesia magazine with Elijah Wood in 2015 and with Icon magazine of Prisa, with Gael Garcia Bernal in 2014, she was in charge of art direction and production, photography by Xavi Sancho.

Following I will try to pull apart his excellent design…


In the first cover Marina choose a simple centered alignment for make more combination with the completely frontal photography of the model and distribute the in two groups aligned on the top and bottom, but in the second one is more interesting that she breaks the symmetry and nothing is balanced and is all around the space.

aligment of editorial design of Amnesia and Icon Magazine cover by Marian Rodil


In this case she group and get close the related information and lead the attention of the viewer and puts away that groups to make space for the central image and focal point of the cover

Proxmity of editorial design of Amnesia and Icon Magazine cover by Marian Rodil


In first cover she decided a color photography because the skin and eye color of Elijah Wood easily may allow contrasting with the background, actually makes contrast among them, his eyes with his skin, and this with his hair. In the other place she uses the black and withe photography for make the face of Gael Garcia wither, and then make more notable.

Sin título-1


This could be the principle that she most enjoys, this would explain too many things, the composition seems like all decisions she took goes around the contrast between two or more elements.  In the cover of Icon it is all about contrast, the suit contrast with the background and the shirt, the face contrasts with the background, actually the illumination over the face make contrast with all around, the golden circle globe with all design, and his hair with the background and the letters of Icon.  In the Amnesia magazine she decided a color photography because the skin and eyes color of Elijah Wood is a natural contrast fount with the background and his own face, she just to make contrast with the color for the text in the shirt.

aligment of editorial design of Amnesia and Icon Magazine cover by Marian Rodil


This is maybe the less important principle, just repeat in the first cover the typography for keep the two text elements related and the alignment with the title, and in the second actually she did not repeat no typography, color, size or alignment.

Repetition of editorial design of Amnesia and Icon Magazine cover by Marian Rodil


We understand better how the principles of design works naturally in a designer’s mind to flow, and she achieves a fusion and balance among them, that looks really simple but elegant, she puts too much emphasis in some principles and not too much in others.