Exercising, Transforming, Designing.

Hello, this time let’s analyze one design by me. This will be an exercise of how to apply principles of design to make a professional work, I took an article which looks a little simple and writes for adults, that makes is some boring for young men or kids, so I decided to transform the article putting attention in that audience, and make it better for them.


Let’s take a look. You can find the original article here.

First page.

In the original article, the title and this photography are separated, I redesigned it with a cooler and modern typography, DK Mandarin, and make a contrast between them with color, actually the color of two Pokemon. We start reading since here and I try to catch the attention of the reader with a quotation.


Second page.

For the body of the article, I chose an old style type for the paragraph (Mongolian Baiti), and a san serif for the quotes and subtitles (Avenir Next). Here the alignment positions the text just on the top and button of the page, it seems is just a little but with three columns there can be a lot of information.

Third page.

I took this two photos some time ago, with the same app Pokemon Go, I added it, on the second page and this, really helps to make the text more flow with white space for rest and pause the reading. I like playing with the proximity between the text and the images that make looks fun and easy to read.


In conclusion, even the original article is a professional work I achieved the content is more organized and easier to read for to hook the young audience, even if they just give a quickly view through pages.